Smart design, ergonomics and compact with a consistent image quality, PSP IX, the new Digital Imaging Plate System by SOPRO/Acteon group is designed to make intra oral imaging in the dental office easier and more efficient. Four sizes of Imaging plates, thin and flexible with an active area optimized to 100%.
With PSP !X, the readout process of 4.3 sec. is completely automatic and a screen allows you to control the different steps of the process and to view your shot.

Easy and Rapid

The thinness and flexibility of the plates, makes the transition to digital more smooth. A preview screen enables you to check every step of the process. Readout is within 4.5 – 7.5 seconds making the PSP IX a fast system.

Imaging plates

PSP IX is delivered with five different sizes of Imaging Plates for the various needs of the practice.

Size 0    22mm X 31mm
Size 1     24mm X 40mm
Size 2    31mm X 41mm

Size 3    27mm X 54mm

Size 4   69mm x 54 mm

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