K9 Gums Ultima 500 Dental Practice Unit

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K9 Gums Ultima 500 Dental Practice Unit


Revolutionise the way you practice dentistry with the K9 Gums Ultima 500 dental unit. Very well thought out unit that is easy to clean and portable at 80cm high, 45cm wide and 50cm deep. Has a five year warranty excluding the handpieces and piezo scaler.


  • One full horsepower silent surge compressor
  • Continuous run fan
  • Maintenance free compressor, auto vent and drain
  • Three hand-piece automatic control head
  • Fiberoptic high speed hand-piece
  • Low speed hand-piece – 20K rpm E Type
  • Built in Satelac LED P5 Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler
  • 3 Way syringe (air, water and mist)
  • Dual water system uses two one litre bottles to a allow a longer working time
  • Bottle selector switch allows bottle change over system flush
  • Colour coded high and low speed air lines
  • Optional Suction



Standard Unit, With Suction

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