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Curettes are used to clean the sub-gingival deposits (plaque, calculus and endotoxin laden cementum) from the tooth root surface. The Columbia and Barnhart has a curved tip, ideal for curved roots such as premolars. The Gracey has a flat tip, ideal for medium-sized dog canine teeth. The miniature gracey is ideal for cats. The blade is placed sub-gingivally to the depth of the periodontal pocket and with a scraping action against the tooth root, which moves the blade out of the pocket, the plaque and calculus is removed from the tooth root.

Cislak curettes are made from US Stainless steel.

Curette Size

Barnhart 1 / 2, Gracey 7 / 8, Columbia 13 / 14, Miniature Gracey 5 / 6

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